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Photo -- Professor Jan Nowacki
Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He died of natural causes in 2002 at the age of 99

After many years of working to fight cancer and AIDS - two of the greatest plagues of mankind - I am pleased to make available to you my discovery.

I call it NoVit - "New Life".

NoVit is a balanced formulation of micro- and macro-mineral nutrients, boosting immune systems to prevent and cure diseases resulting from imbalance and impurities at the cellular level.

NoVit has helped thousands battling the ravages of cancer, AIDS, and many other malignant diseases.

My NoVit formula has won a patent for its healing and regenerative properties. It is a purifying supplement offering proven relief from the agony of disease caused by imbalance and impurity.

Professor Jan Nowacki
Polish Academy of Sciences

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